Getting Started

What is UniWebView

UniWebView is a Unity 3D plugin for adding a web view component to your Unity 3D mobile games. UniWebView includes a set of abstract high-level APIs in C#, which wrapped the native APIs of iOS and Android platforms. With UniWebView, you can have some behaviors like a browser into your games without knowing anything about native development. It is very useful when you need to show an announcement or notice, add a leaderboard for player rankings, or just display any web pages to your users.

Supported Platforms

UniWebView supports running:

  • iOS 9.0 or above
  • Android 5.0 (API Level 21) or above

On iOS, UniWebView is using WKWebView as the render component. While on Android, WebView is used.

UniWebView also contains Unity Editor support on macOS for debug purpose. You could bring up a standalone web view directly in the Play Mode of Unity Editor if you are developing your game on a Mac. If you are working on a Windows PC, you can still build and use UniWebView on mobile devices, but you cannot see the result directly in the Windows Unity Editor.

This Editor plugin is a full-featured variety of mobile version. Although UniWebView is designed for the mobile platforms, you could also put it in a standalone macOS game if you want.

Version 3

UniWebView project was started in 2013. The original version of UniWebView supported Unity 4. In Unity 5, Unity team changed the method how native plugins work and there was no way to support both Unity 4 and 5 in the same plugin version. So we decided to have a major upgrade to version 2. After several years of development, UniWebView 2 is quite stable now. However, the legacy code only supported old fashion (and deprecated) UIWebView on iOS, and we also had to consider back compatibility and use out-dated APIs for WebView too.

We are not satisfied with this situation. Performance and code quality could be dramatically improved if we use the latest technology. Adding features and fixing issues would be easier and faster too. That is the reason why we decided to rewrite UniWebView from scratch. In version 3, we started again from 0 and redesigned almost all APIs. With the experience of the past few years of development, we have a chance to make good things better and bad design gone.

Already using UniWebView 2? Please take a look at the version 3 highlight to see how it gets evolved from the previous version. Be caution that version 3 is not compatible with 2. If you are upgrading from UniWebView 2, you may wish to take a brief look at the migration guide. Most concepts are similar but it might still take you a while to upgrade. We also recommend you to read our documentation to bring the potential power of UniWebView to your project.

This documentation is only for version 3. If you need any information about UniWebView 2, please check this site instead.

Next Step

If you are ready, follow the Installation and subsequent guides to know basic usage of UniWebView.

Please feel free to browse this documentation site and UniWebView's APIs. You can find more information on UniWebView's official site too.